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Another remarkable aspect in the thread and chords of CJR RJS is the spacious library, the treasure house of knowledge. The ubiquitous library has a variety of books and reference sections neatly catalogued. The library is very spacious and it provides the young minds an avenue to broaden their intellectual horizons and enhances their interest in learning and reading. Library commences one hour early to college and closes one hour after the college timings.


CJR RJS has laid emphasis on sports, focusing on cricket, kabaddi, volley ball, foot ball, athletics, etc. the college has excellent kabaddi team who won trophies to the institution with pride.RJS has recently inaugurated the Shuttle Badminton Court in the college square.Sports events are well organised under the Department of Physics Education.

Cultural Activities

RJS every year harvests the Inter- class competitions unraveling the spirit of the culture which exhibit hidden talents of the students in different fields. Traditional Vemana celebrations are performed with a lot of pomp and gaiety with a hushing New Year Welcome.

Counselling Center

College has earned a deep niche in inculcating ethical values, attitudes, good habits and constructive approach for the students. RJS has been maintaining high academic standards, which is an integral part of the teachers to motivate the students leaving an indelible impression of college life in the young mind of the students. So as an integral part of the academic system college has student counselors.and also for every 20 students one student mentor will be assigned to monitor the entire growth of the individuals, inturn which helps each and every student to excel in each aspects. The student counselors are aware of the dynamic changes that each student under goes on entering the college from school life. Our counselors help to establish and identity and attempt to excel in studies amidst other distractions, also prepare the students to face the curves in their life with sheer confidence & fortitude. They work as facilitators between students and their parents, teachers, stressing on the fact that “Every student Matters”. Parents-teachers meeting is held on all second Saturdays of every month.

Women Empowerment Cell

The girls are given much importance and taken individual care by the female faculty who are given incharge. They maintain a separate record of their problems and councel with them.

N.S.S Unit

The college has an excellent NSS Unit set up, which is actively involved in various works in the college and also in & around Karnataka.

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